Creating custom hooks in Drupal and passing variables by reference

The cool thing about Drupal is that it adopts a modular approach. This is great because it enables me to override functionality in a controlled way with the use of those hook thingy-ma-jigs you keep hearing about. As a result, it’s harder for me to break something, and also makes life easier when upgrading code.

Eclipse and Failed to create the Java Virtual Machine

One day I went to open Eclipse (Helios) as usual and was surprised to see that a dialoge box popped up saying:

Filezilla and No supported authentication methods available after upgrade

I've been using Filezilla and Pageant together to securely connect to a SFTP server using public-key authentication. This was all good until I upgraded to Filezilla version 3.5.2 and found that when connecting I would see the message: