Bootstrap 7.x-3.0

Drupal Bootstrap: Video Gallery for YouTube and Vimeo using a Custom Field Formatter and Video Embed Field module

I'm using the Video Embed Field Module and would like display this field as a gallery using the Bootstrap gallery at, a touch-enabled, responsive and customizable image and video gallery.

Drupal Bootstrap: Image Gallery using Custom Field Formatter

I have an image field, using the the core image module, set to unlimited number of values. I want to create a custom field formatter so that these images are shown as thumbnails that when clicked pops up the Bootstrap image gallery. This gallery will be an extension to blueimp Gallery, a touch-enabled, responsive and customizable image and video gallery seen here:

Client-side validation in custom forms using Drupal, Bootstrap 3, and Boostrap Validator plugin

I need to add form client-side validation to my custom form. I'm using the Bootstrap theme but it doesn't include any type of validation so I decided to use the Bootstrap Validator plugin. Examples of validation can be found here:

Drupal Bootstrap: Quick theming tips

Custom Modal Window

Place the button below in your code to trigger the modal window. Click this button for an example:

Drupal Bootstrap: Add magnifying glass search icon to search button and change placeholder text

Out of the box the search button uses the word 'search', but I want to change this so it displays the magnifying glass Glyphicon instead. Also, I want to change the placeholder text from 'search' to something else.


To add the icon in our search button we need to us override bootstrap_bootstrap_search_form_wrapper(). We can do this by placing the following code in our theme's template.php file:

Drupal Bootstrap: Navbar drowpdown on hover with fade in transition

I needed to alter the Bootstrap navbar so that the dropdown would appear on mouse hover - Out of the box, it only appears when clicking the link.

Solution One

We need to override bootstrap_menu_link() in our template.php file by commenting out the lines that adds the classes 'dropdown-toggle' and 'dropdown'.